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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

B Workshops (9:50-10:50 AM)

B-1 How To Make Science Fun and Hands-On

Lori Fares

Learn how kids (and adults) can make their own discoveries through hands-on exploration using readily available materials. Presenter will demonstrate activities you can use to encourage the natural creativity and curiosity inside everyone while they learn science concepts. Get ideas, inspiration, and resources for learning science by doing science. (Does not include activities for kids to do during the workshop.)

B-2 Seven Steps to Encourage Learning

Susan Kaseman

No matter how you approach homeschooling, learning in your family will increase if you recognize the many ways in which people learn, follow learners’ leads and timing, broaden your exposure to the world and its possibilities, recognize the value of mistakes, resist most urges to correct your kids, and accept the fact that all of us can only learn a small fraction of what’s knowable.

B-3 Homeschooling Q & A

Tomi Fay Forbes, Coordinator

Here’s your chance to ask an experienced homeschooler your questions about different ways to homeschool, including purchasing a curriculum, choosing courses for individual subjects, doing unit studies, eclectic homeschooling, and unschooling. Join a small group of people, listen to their questions, and ask your own. No formal presentation, only Q & A.

B-4 Just Write!

Sarah Gilbert

Ways to encourage your children to write. Tips on responding, revising, and publishing (even if it’s just on the fridge). Pitfalls to avoid. Presentation plus a discussion-come prepared to share your ideas. This workshop will focus on helping kids get excited about communicating their ideas rather than the mechanics of handwriting, spelling, etc.

B-5 Homeschooling 3, 4, and 5 Year Olds

Pamela Roland

Why and how children learn best through homeschooling. Helping children learn from daily life and carefully selected resources and activities. The importance of play. Meeting kids’ and parents’ social needs. Disadvantages to formal preschool. Risks of preschool screening and how you can avoid it.

B-6 How to Unschool the “Right” Way

Erich Moraine

Time to look under the hood of unschooling. What makes it go? What makes it stop? What are the concepts at the personal level which make it a successful homeschooling modality? What do you pay attention to? What do you ignore? When do you step in? When do you step back? Is it true anything goes when you unschool?

B-7 Creating a Family Life That Is Exciting For Everyone

Jenny Landowski

Explore some of the many things that families can do together, including simple everyday activities, fun traditions, travel, service, physical activity, and, yes, even chores. Discover the benefits of working and playing together that can help create harmony in your family.

B-8 Overcoming Doubts and Fears about Homeschooling

Lori Guilliams

Wondering if you’re good enough in English, or math, or chemistry? Worried about missing something? Feeling overwhelmed, or thinking you don’t have what it takes? Come be encouraged that you can homeschool well. Take away practical suggestions for overcoming these concerns. Bring your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

B-9 Homeschooling with Integrity: Maintaining Family Freedoms

Larry Kaseman

Why we must take responsibility for protecting our freedoms or we will lose them. Understanding homeschooling as a fundamental right, not something we need permission to do. Dealing with public officials and professionals in education, health, and social services. How what one family does affects us all. Educating others and working together.

B-10 Time With Dad: A Discussion for Fathers

Uli Henes, Moderator

How do you find time to spend with your children? What do you enjoy doing with them? How do you prepare (to increase the likelihood that things will go smoothly)? What do you find most challenging? How do you share responsibility for homeschooling with your spouse?

B-11 Single Parents Can and Do Homeschool: A Discussion

Holly Tuyls, Moderator

Explore the joys and challenges of homeschooling as a single parent. What has surprised you? What are the biggest challenges? Where do you find the support you need? How do you deal with your own doubts and the criticism of others? How does homeschooling affect your relationship with your child(ren)? What resources have you accessed to make this a successful journey? For beginning and experienced single parent homeschoolers and single parents considering homeschooling.

B-12 Earn College Credit (and a Degree) Your Way and Inexpensively

Megan Roman

During high school and after, learn on your own and earn college credit (and a degree) for what you know by taking CLEP and other exams and completing distance learning courses. Resources to prepare for tests. Test taking strategies. Presenter earned her bachelor’s degree this way.

B-13 Teens Connecting and Sharing Experiences: A Discussion for Teens

Emma Landowski, Moderator

Join a group of homeschooling teens to discuss questions like: What do you like most about homeschooling? What do you say when people ask you what it’s like to be a homeschooler? How do you handle the pressure from people who keep asking what you’re going to do when you grow up? Moderator is a homeschool graduate.

B-14 Outdoor Activities for Teens

Carver Campos and Luke Tweddale, Coordinators

Meet in lobby of Gruenhagen Conference Center. Weather permitting, walk to a nearby athletic field to play soccer, Frisbee, and other games participants bring. If the weather is unsuitable, go to Connections for games and conversation.

B-15 Games Galore: Pastimes from the 19th Century

Jennifer Van Haaften, Old World Wisconsin (Family Activity Workshop)

Life in the past wasn’t all chores. Try out games from the 19th century, including hoops and sticks, graces, ball and cups, tops and other games. Limit 40 children. Presenter is also an exhibitor.

B-16 Build WPA’s First LEGO┬« City

(Family Activity Workshop)

See A-17 for description, C-16, D-12.

B-17 Introduction to Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Art

Kim, Mark and Dylan Regnitz (Family Activity Workshop)

Have fun while developing core strength, flexibility, balance, and focused awareness with Taekwondo. Warm up safely and learn basic kicks and punches on Shield Bags. Hear about the art of Taekwondo and learn a few Korean words. See board breaking and sparring demonstrated. For the whole family and every fitness level. Wear loose fitting clothes and plan to be barefoot. Ages 8 to adult. Limit 35. Also D-13.

B-18 Make Artists’ Trading Cards (ATC) and Exchange Them

Dawn Petersen (Family Activity Workshop)

Connect and share your pocket sized works of art with others! Craft ATCs, flat works of art sized 2.5” by 3.5” to trade with others. We will also make cooperative “Jam” cards together as a group. For artists of all ages; young artists must come with a helper.

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