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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

D Workshops (2:50-3:50 PM)

D-1 Trusting Your Child Will Learn Outside the Box

Jenny Landowski

How to move from reading, hearing, and thinking about the ideas behind “child-led learning” to taking the leap of faith and putting them into practice with your own family. Creating an environment where your child can either stop and smell the roses or excel at the speed of light. Speaker will discuss the joys and challenges of learning while we live both at home and out in the “real world” using examples from her family.

D-2 How Teens View Their Homeschooling Experience: A Panel Discussion

Marty Deming, Moderator

Teens share their homeschooling experiences, some of what they’ve studied and done, and how they feel about it, for an audience of other homeschooling teens and parents, those considering homeschooling for high school, and those interested in a variety of homeschooling experiences and how they work out. Panel includes teens in the midst of homeschooling for high school or graduating this year.

D-3 Record Keeping Made Manageable and Meaningful

Sarah Gilbert

An overview of the purpose and benefits of documenting your homeschooling experiences and activities. Finding a method that suits you and meets your needs. Ideas for simple records that save time yet are meaningful and retrievable for portfolios, credentials, college applications, etc.

D-4 Continuing as an Unschooling Family

Erich Moraine

For established unschooling families with at least one year’s experience. (For an introduction to unschooling, see “Exploring the Basic Ideas of Unschooling.”) How do parental guidance and direction continue to show themselves and allow for a peaceful coexistence with our kids? How might we as parents react when our children pursue topics we feel negatively about or did not expect? What can parents do to maintain a balance between the fear of external academic goals and the internal joy of unschooling? What about all that time the kids spend doing “nothing?”

D-5 Etiquette!

Tomi Fay Forbes

Do you offer a firm handshake and look someone in the eye when you greet them? Do you know which piece of silverware to use for what in a fine restaurant? How do you put your best foot forward in a job interview? Here’s a good opportunity to brush up on etiquette tips, learn new ones, and find out why it’s important to understand etiquette and how it helps us act with confidence in a wide variety of situations. Both young people and parents welcome.

D-6 Self-Care for Homeschooling Parents

Jenina Mella

How we can figure out what we need, create space in our busy lives to tend to our individual needs, and find creative approaches that take the whole family’s needs into account. Safeguarding time to nurture our relationship with our life partner. Developing strategies for stress busting. Creating support structures that allow for time alone.

D-7 Simplifying Our Homeschooling Stuff: A Presentation Followed By a Discussion

Pamela Roland, Moderator

Join other homeschoolers on a journey to figure out how to deal with homeschooling stuff. Deciding what we really need to own and letting go of what we don’t need. Discovering and creating ways to outsource more of what we need by using the library and other resources in our community instead of owning everything we use. Organizing, managing, and storing the stuff we decide we want on hand to homeschool.

D-8 Introduction to Wisconsin’s Homeschooling Law

Joe King

What the law requires and how to comply. Other Wisconsin laws (such as truancy laws) which also affect homeschoolers. How to protect the homeschooling law from change. How to avoid legal difficulty. Questions from the audience.

D-9 Diplomas and Other Credentials That Will Get You a Job or Into College

Larry Kaseman

How you can develop credentials that will get you where you want to go. Understanding that the most important credentials you have are yourself, your experience, your ability to learn, and your confidence. Ways to demonstrate your strengths and abilities.

D-10 Birds of Prey Basics

Rex Runke (Family Activity Workshop)

Come and learn about birds of prey, their anatomy and behaviors and their role in our environment. Meet one or two live representatives of the bird species.

D-11 Chess & Checkers Challenge

John and AJ Mutchie (Family Activity Workshop)

Bring your game boards and pieces, meet other homeschoolers, and make new friends while playing these old favorites just for fun. Or join the friendly tournament during the workshop. No presentation or instruction. All ages and skill levels welcome.

D-12 Build WPA’s First LEGO┬« City

(Family Activity Workshop)

See A-17 for description, B-16, C-16.

D-13 Introduction to Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Art

Kim, Mark and Dylan Regnitz (Family Activity Workshop)

See B-17.

D-14 Soccer for Ages 5 to 8

Tony Zappia (Family Activity Workshop)

Same as C-17 except for younger kids.

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