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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Basic Subjects

Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

F-2 Discovering the Joy in Math

Roy Underhill

Enrich your life and your understanding of math and prevent or overcome the “I hate math” mentality by exploring ways math is as interesting, varied, and beautiful as art, music, and literature. Resources and activities that focus on the joy and beauty of math and delightful mathematicians including books, games, and activities for all ages, covering topics from basic computation to current research.

F-3 Un-blinded by Science: What Science Really Is and How Homeschoolers Can Become Science Literate

Scott Lynch

Consider an approach to science literacy centered around how we use science to answer questions big and small to help us make sense of events in our lives, in the news, and in society. What does it mean to be science literate? How can we decide what concepts and approaches matter? Do we want to choose conventional science education and focus on exposing students to the tools scientists and engineers use or do we want to focus instead on how scientific approaches enhance our understanding of the world around us?

A-1 Components of a Complete Language Arts Program

Beth Ellen Nash

Aspects of a comprehensive language arts program including: phonics and phonemic awareness; spelling; vocabulary and word study; reading strategies, fluency, and comprehension; grammar, usage, mechanics; and written composition. Resources in each area for struggling learners. A thumbnail look at what speaker’s top picks offer and what audience would most benefit from each.

A-4 Would the New Online Higher Education Courses Be Helpful to Our Homeschool?

Pete Gilbert

MOOCs? EdX? Khan? DE? What is all this stuff - and why would you want any of it? The landscape of online higher education is changing rapidly, and we’ll look at the sorts of online courses that are available, ways to find out more about them, and how to choose something that makes sense for your family. Will not include online virtual public charter schools or other strictly K-12 resources.

A-5 Secrets to Getting Inspiring, High Quality, Low Cost Equipment for Budding Scientists

Cindy Duckert

What do we need to set up a basic science lab? Where can we find, scrounge, beg, borrow, or build the tools needed to get started in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and astronomy? Why can building a tool be a more powerful way to learn than buying one? How can we use tools to learn first hand about the world around us?

B-1 How To Make Science Fun and Hands-On

Lori Fares

Learn how kids (and adults) can make their own discoveries through hands-on exploration using readily available materials. Presenter will demonstrate activities you can use to encourage the natural creativity and curiosity inside everyone while they learn science concepts. Get ideas, inspiration, and resources for learning science by doing science. (Does not include activities for kids to do during the workshop.)

B-4 Just Write!

Sarah Gilbert

Ways to encourage your children to write. Tips on responding, revising, and publishing (even if it’s just on the fridge). Pitfalls to avoid. Presentation plus a discussion-come prepared to share your ideas. This workshop will focus on helping kids get excited about communicating their ideas rather than the mechanics of handwriting, spelling, etc.

C-8 Exhibitor Workshop: Creating a Reading Culture with the Power of Booktalks

Lynne Lavota, Scholastic Books

Book choice is extremely important to children as they develop as critical and engaged readers. Booktalks introduce and entice even reluctant readers to try new fiction and nonfiction books. Learn how to incorporate booktalks into your homeschool. More importantly, watch your children’s excitement for reading grow when they share booktalks with each other and truly become members of a reading culture.

More Workshops By Time Slot

More Workshops By Category

To help you choose workshops, click on a category that interests you and look over the list. Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

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