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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Beginning Homeschooling

Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

F-1 Homeschooling 101

Pamela Roland

Wondering whether homeschooling would be a good choice for your family and how to get started? Different approaches that you may choose, including purchasing a complete curriculum, project-based homeschooling, eclectic homeschooling, and unschooling. Where to find learning resources. How to connect with other homeschoolers. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes and changes. Ways homeschools differ from conventional schools.

A-3 How to Choose a Style of Homeschooling That Works for You

Lori Guilliams and Janet Ozsvath

Confused by all the different styles of homeschooling that are available? Basic information about five different styles: purchased curriculum, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, eclectic, and unschooling. How you can choose a style that works well for you and your family. Making changes when necessary. For both new and experienced homeschoolers.

B-3 Homeschooling Q & A

Tomi Fay Forbes, Coordinator

Here’s your chance to ask an experienced homeschooler your questions about different ways to homeschool, including purchasing a curriculum, choosing courses for individual subjects, doing unit studies, eclectic homeschooling, and unschooling. Join a small group of people, listen to their questions, and ask your own. No formal presentation, only Q & A.

B-7 Creating a Family Life That Is Exciting For Everyone

Jenny Landowski

Explore some of the many things that families can do together, including simple everyday activities, fun traditions, travel, service, physical activity, and, yes, even chores. Discover the benefits of working and playing together that can help create harmony in your family.

C-10 A Dad’s Eye View: Learning to Homeschool and Leading by Example

Eric Slifer

Ways dads homeschool without even realizing that’s what you’re doing. Dealing with fears about getting started and worries about the direction your homeschool is going. Supporting your spouse. Leading by example through the choices you make, the ways you treat others, etc. Re-energizing yourself through homeschooling and family time.

D-1 Trusting Your Child Will Learn Outside the Box

Jenny Landowski

How to move from reading, hearing, and thinking about the ideas behind “child-led learning” to taking the leap of faith and putting them into practice with your own family. Creating an environment where your child can either stop and smell the roses or excel at the speed of light. Speaker will discuss the joys and challenges of learning while we live both at home and out in the “real world” using examples from her family.

D-3 Record Keeping Made Manageable and Meaningful

Sarah Gilbert

An overview of the purpose and benefits of documenting your homeschooling experiences and activities. Finding a method that suits you and meets your needs. Ideas for simple records that save time yet are meaningful and retrievable for portfolios, credentials, college applications, etc.

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More Workshops By Category

To help you choose workshops, click on a category that interests you and look over the list. Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

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