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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

For Teens and Parents of Teens

Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

F-8 Can Unschoolers Get Into College and Succeed?

Erich Moraine and Sarah Gilbert

How the presenters and their daughters (both lifelong unschoolers from two different families) navigated the application and transcript issues of college admission which resulted in being accepted and given financial aid by a selective college. How their unschooling experiences influenced their outstanding academic achievement in college.

F-9 Teen Icebreakers, Games, and Conversation

Emma Landowski

Join a group of homeschooling teens for icebreakers and other games and informal conversation.

A-13 College Admissions and Financial Aid for Homeschoolers

Katie McCarney

An introduction to the college search, the application process, college admission for homeschooled students, and the basics of scholarships and financial aid. A good place to start your search for that perfect college match and learn how to afford it. Speaker is a grown homeschooler who works in admissions at a selective private college. To schedule a private appointment with Katie, email kmccarney@csbsju.edu. First come, first served.

A-14 Dramatizing Fairy Tales

Josh and Naomi Guilliams (Family Activity Workshop)

Join the fun! Participants will be divided into groups of 6 or 7. Each group will draw the name of a fairy tale and an attribute (like use British accents, include singing, etc.) and be given 20 minutes to plan a performance. Then the whole group will watch each performance. Workshop designed for teens but younger children and parents also welcome.

A-15 Exhibitor Workshop: Earn College Credit Online Through UNWSP

The University of Northwestern St. Paul, MN-UNWSP offers Early College, private, Christian college courses at a discounted rate for high school students who need the flexibility and convenience of online college classes. This allows students from all over the US to get a head start on their college education and save time and money on a college degree. They may also be eligible to receive high school credit.

B-12 Earn College Credit (and a Degree) Your Way and Inexpensively

Megan Roman

During high school and after, learn on your own and earn college credit (and a degree) for what you know by taking CLEP and other exams and completing distance learning courses. Resources to prepare for tests. Test taking strategies. Presenter earned her bachelor’s degree this way.

B-13 Teens Connecting and Sharing Experiences: A Discussion for Teens

Emma Landowski, Moderator

Join a group of homeschooling teens to discuss questions like: What do you like most about homeschooling? What do you say when people ask you what it’s like to be a homeschooler? How do you handle the pressure from people who keep asking what you’re going to do when you grow up? Moderator is a homeschool graduate.

B-14 Outdoor Activities for Teens

Carver Campos and Luke Tweddale, Coordinators

Meet in lobby of Gruenhagen Conference Center. Weather permitting, walk to a nearby athletic field to play soccer, Frisbee, and other games participants bring. If the weather is unsuitable, go to Connections for games and conversation.

C-12 Homeschooling the High School Years with Confidence

Lori Fares

Discover creative ways parents and teens can work together to design a curriculum tailored to a teen’s goals, interests, and strengths. Find resources, ideas, and ways teens and parents can enjoy each other and avoid the typical teen stereotype. Make homeschooling high school a rich and rewarding adventure.

C-13 What Does It Mean To Be Successful? A Panel of Homeschool Graduates

Emma Landowski, Luke Tweddale, and Lindsey Vignini

Hear 3 recent homeschool graduates describe what they are doing now: attending a traditional college, following a dream of becoming a speed skater, and earning money to make it possible to travel and do other activities. Then the panel and teens attending the workshop will discuss what it means to be successful and what options are available in addition to college. Parents are welcome to listen to the discussion.

D-2 How Teens View Their Homeschooling Experience: A Panel Discussion

Marty Deming, Moderator

Teens share their homeschooling experiences, some of what they’ve studied and done, and how they feel about it, for an audience of other homeschooling teens and parents, those considering homeschooling for high school, and those interested in a variety of homeschooling experiences and how they work out. Panel includes teens in the midst of homeschooling for high school or graduating this year.

D-9 Diplomas and Other Credentials That Will Get You a Job or Into College

Larry Kaseman

How you can develop credentials that will get you where you want to go. Understanding that the most important credentials you have are yourself, your experience, your ability to learn, and your confidence. Ways to demonstrate your strengths and abilities.

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To help you choose workshops, click on a category that interests you and look over the list. Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

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