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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Life Skills and Problem Solving

Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

F-6 Homeschooling With Grace When Life Becomes Discombobulated

Mary Sue Slifer

Ways of staying inspired. Being creative and eclectic when you feel overwhelmed or stuck. How families homeschool when they face life’s challenges, including chronic illness, financial setbacks, etc. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes. Allowing grace periods. (Note: Workshop is about homeschooling and will not cover managing finances or health issues.)

A-9 How Couples Can Work Together and Support Each Other While Homeschooling

Shea and Mark Holter

Setting goals for your family and modifying them as everyone grows and learns. Sharing the work and play and the joys and challenges involved in homeschooling. Trusting and supporting each other when dealing with situations in which the two of you don’t see eye-to-eye.

A-11 Simplify Meals with Once-A-Month Cooking

Molly Dulak

Create a time-saving approach to meals your family likes. Learn the basics of choosing recipes, making a shopping list, shopping, preparing, cooking, freezing, thawing, and serving, even when you have small children. Adapting recipes for allergies. Resources for more information for families on a budget and with a time crunch.

B-11 Single Parents Can and Do Homeschool: A Discussion

Holly Tuyls, Moderator

Explore the joys and challenges of homeschooling as a single parent. What has surprised you? What are the biggest challenges? Where do you find the support you need? How do you deal with your own doubts and the criticism of others? How does homeschooling affect your relationship with your child(ren)? What resources have you accessed to make this a successful journey? For beginning and experienced single parent homeschoolers and single parents considering homeschooling.

C-2 Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

Jenina Mella

How can we help our children (and ourselves) navigate the clutter of constant communication that we receive from living in a saturated media landscape? The argument for limiting what media we allow in our homes. How to encourage critical thinking in ourselves and our kids about the messages and information we hear. Resources for how to do this.

C-9 More Adventures in Gardening

Marty Deming

Gardening choices to fit your available space, time and money, and keep you learning something new. Finding and owning your natural gardening interests and abilities, from involving children in gardening to extending the growing season, foraging, grafting fruit trees, or something else that’s calling you. All levels of gardening experience welcome.

C-11 Working as a Family: Sharing Household Chores: A Presentation Followed By a Discussion

John Roland, Moderator

Exploring our own attitudes and perspectives on household chores and the ways they affect our children. How to get children and their parents excited about working together and get reluctant family members involved. Making cooking an adventure. Setting realistic standards for when and how to clean the house together and then enjoying the result. The benefits of giving children responsibilities that contribute to the household, even when it requires extra time and patience on our part while they are learning.

D-5 Etiquette!

Tomi Fay Forbes

Do you offer a firm handshake and look someone in the eye when you greet them? Do you know which piece of silverware to use for what in a fine restaurant? How do you put your best foot forward in a job interview? Here’s a good opportunity to brush up on etiquette tips, learn new ones, and find out why it’s important to understand etiquette and how it helps us act with confidence in a wide variety of situations. Both young people and parents welcome.

D-7 Simplifying Our Homeschooling Stuff: A Presentation Followed By a Discussion

Pamela Roland, Moderator

Join other homeschoolers on a journey to figure out how to deal with homeschooling stuff. Deciding what we really need to own and letting go of what we don’t need. Discovering and creating ways to outsource more of what we need by using the library and other resources in our community instead of owning everything we use. Organizing, managing, and storing the stuff we decide we want on hand to homeschool.

D-9 Diplomas and Other Credentials That Will Get You a Job or Into College

Larry Kaseman

How you can develop credentials that will get you where you want to go. Understanding that the most important credentials you have are yourself, your experience, your ability to learn, and your confidence. Ways to demonstrate your strengths and abilities.

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To help you choose workshops, click on a category that interests you and look over the list. Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

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