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This information is from WPA's previous conference. Our 32nd Annual Home Education Conference will be held on May 1-2, 2015, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Special Interests and Passions

Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

F-3 Un-blinded by Science: What Science Really Is and How Homeschoolers Can Become Science Literate

Scott Lynch

Consider an approach to science literacy centered around how we use science to answer questions big and small to help us make sense of events in our lives, in the news, and in society. What does it mean to be science literate? How can we decide what concepts and approaches matter? Do we want to choose conventional science education and focus on exposing students to the tools scientists and engineers use or do we want to focus instead on how scientific approaches enhance our understanding of the world around us?

A-4 Would the New Online Higher Education Courses Be Helpful to Our Homeschool?

Pete Gilbert

MOOCs? EdX? Khan? DE? What is all this stuff - and why would you want any of it? The landscape of online higher education is changing rapidly, and we’ll look at the sorts of online courses that are available, ways to find out more about them, and how to choose something that makes sense for your family. Will not include online virtual public charter schools or other strictly K-12 resources.

A-6 Exhibitor Workshop: Education Through Travel: Making Travel Part of Your Homeschool Curriculum

Deana and Shannon Lee, CruiseOne

Using their own travel-based homeschooling experience, presenters will discuss what they have learned about the value and benefits of travel for education and family bonding and share tips regarding the affordability of educational travel. Q & A

A-10 Competitive Sports Alternatives for Homeschoolers

Jenina Mella

Like any population, our homeschool community has a segment of intense, competitive athletes. Learn about sports outlets for homeschoolers which promote sportsmanship, achievement, and competition, but which do not put our homeschooling freedoms at risk. How homeschoolers’ unique perspective can be used to enrich and improve sports experiences. Hear the experiences of homeschooled athletes from a variety of sports.

B-7 Creating a Family Life That Is Exciting For Everyone

Jenny Landowski

Explore some of the many things that families can do together, including simple everyday activities, fun traditions, travel, service, physical activity, and, yes, even chores. Discover the benefits of working and playing together that can help create harmony in your family.

C-1 Exploring Nature Together as a Family

Sierra Muñoz, Aldo Leopold Nature Center (Family Activity Workshop)

Wondering how to get your kids and yourself more connected to nature? Here’s a great opportunity for both kids and parents to learn to use all your senses to explore objects from nature. Start your own nature journal that you can use to explore your own backyard or local park. Meet some creepy critters and learn about cool resources and citizen science projects for the whole family. Presenter is also an exhibitor.

C-2 Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

Jenina Mella

How can we help our children (and ourselves) navigate the clutter of constant communication that we receive from living in a saturated media landscape? The argument for limiting what media we allow in our homes. How to encourage critical thinking in ourselves and our kids about the messages and information we hear. Resources for how to do this.

C-3 Great Places to Visit Around Wisconsin

Cheryl Sullivan, Wisconsin Historical Society

Wonder if it’s worth the trip to Eagle to visit Old World Wisconsin or Cassville to see Stonefield? Learn about the Wisconsin Historical Society’s 12 historic sites and museums located around Wisconsin to help you decide whether to visit. Take a “tour” by hearing about each venue and how each tells certain stories from our State’s history. Hear how learning can be complimented through living history programs providing hands on experiences for your families. Websites, contact lists, and other resources. Presenter is also an exhibitor.

C-9 More Adventures in Gardening

Marty Deming

Gardening choices to fit your available space, time and money, and keep you learning something new. Finding and owning your natural gardening interests and abilities, from involving children in gardening to extending the growing season, foraging, grafting fruit trees, or something else that’s calling you. All levels of gardening experience welcome.

C-14 An Introduction to the Art, Scientific Work, and Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

Rhea Sprecher (Family Activity Workshop)

See a slide show and video clips about the life, art, and inventions of da Vinci set in the context of the times in which he lived. All ages welcome.

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To help you choose workshops, click on a category that interests you and look over the list. Remember that these lists are only suggestions. We strongly recommend that you review the entire list of workshops to find the ones that suit you best.

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