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“My family is grateful to the WPA for endless reasons.

It gives us a community of like-minded families. It protects our right to homeschool. It helps us be good citizens and stand up for what we believe in by keeping us notified of issues that affect homeschoolers and telling us how to take action. It provides us with information and support that we need to homeschool.

The WPA with its dedicated workers and volunteers is a grassroots organization that serves an excellent cause, the strengthening of families. It is the best and most effective association that my family has the privilege to be members of and to serve.”

Let’s Move Forward Together!

Families need to understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities to ensure true choice in education.

New and experienced homeschoolers need practical information and support.

Your donation will help WPA:

  • Spot, track, explain, and counter challenges to our homeschooling freedoms.
  • Answer 3,500 calls and emails from homeschoolers like you each year.
  • Recruit new members to strengthen our current base of nearly 1,000 member families.
  • Improve our web site.
  • Continue to be a strong, effective organization.

Support WPA in the following ways:

  • Donate securely online now. It takes less than 2 minutes
  • Call the WPA voicemail at 608-283-3131 and donate using your credit card.
  • Help WPA raise money. Request materials that make this much easier than you would think.
  • Tell 5 people about WPA.
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