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handbook cover

ISBN 978-0-9651864-3-8
7" X 10" paperback

“The WPA handbook is chock full of useful information regarding homeschooling.

It is a must read for families who homeschool, who are considering homeschooling, or for relatives and friends of homeschoolers. It gives practical advice and articulate ideas regarding the many ways to homeschool and the many reasons to do so.

My family owns several editions, and the handbook is the cornerstone of our homeschooling library.”

Get the book you need to homeschool in Wisconsin.

  • An essential investment reference you’ll refer to again and again.
  • With this book and a public library, you can homeschool very inexpensively.
  • Save $7.00 by being a WPA member.
  • Seventh edition, written by experienced homeschoolers, illustrated with woodcuts. Order it today.
  • Easy to find, practical information
    • Choosing a curriculum and learning resources
    • How to begin homeschooling
    • Legal requirements
    • Homeschooling for high school
    • Keeping records
    • What to do when public officials contact you
  • Encouragement and support
    • Why homeschooling works
    • Solving problems
    • Secrets of experienced homeschooling families
    • Socialization
    • Finding support
    • Handling doubts
    • Dealing with critics
  • Inspiration
    • How homeschooling strengthens families
    • History of homeschooling in Wisconsin
    • Stories from homeschooling families
  • Maintaining homeschooling freedoms
    • Why Wisconsin’s homeschooling law works so well
    • Working with the legislature
    • Dealing with public officials
    • Issues homeschoolers need to know about
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