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Dear [name of district administrator]:

This letter of understanding serves to establish that my son/daughter, [full name], is enrolled in our homeschool (a home-based private educational program) and receives his/her primary educational services through our homeschool. Therefore, in accordance with federal and state statutes and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's policy and regulations governing the Wisconsin Student Number Locator System (WSLS), our son/daughter should not be included in this student ID system in any way, even though he/she is taking one or more courses from or participating in activities sponsored by the [name of public school district].

Therefore, be it understood and agreed that our son/daughter, [full name], will not be assigned a Wisconsin Student Number (WSN) or be included in the WSLS. Notify us in writing within 10 days of receipt of this letter if you have for any reason already assigned a WSN and/or included [full name of student] in the WSLS.


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Home-Based Private Educational Program

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