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Recent Communications Concerning a Tax Credit for Homeschoolers

Dear WPA Members,

Our work has paid off. Wisconsin homeschoolers working together through WPA have once again demonstrated our grassroots strength and commitment. The Governor has vetoed the education tax credit for homeschoolers (and other private school students) that would have opened the door for increased state regulation of homeschools.

Thank you to all of you who called your legislators and the Governor's office. In his message about his action on the budget bill, the Governor said, "Interestingly, my office received numerous phone calls from parents who homeschool their children, and these calls were overwhelmingly in opposition to this unnecessary and expensive proposal."

WPA will continue to track this issue and will report more fully on it in our next newsletter.

Working to oppose the tax credit and to maintain our homeschooling freedoms has cost WPA. Please help cover these costs and enable WPA to continue its work on behalf of our homeschooling freedoms by sending a donation now, by renewing your membership when it expires, and by encouraging others to join WPA.

Thank you.

The WPA Board

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