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Recent Communications Concerning a Tax Credit for Homeschoolers

Sent on 7/8/05

Dear WPA Members,

Important! New action is needed to combat recent developments regarding an amendment to the state budget bill that would lead to increased pressure for regulation of homeschooling. The Wisconsin Assembly acted immediately on Tuesday, July 5 and approved the state budget bill including the proposed tax credit of $100 per child per year for homeschoolers (and other private school students).

Please act NOW by calling Governor Jim Doyle's office and requesting that he veto the amendment to give homeschoolers tax credits. Identify yourself as a homeschooler. Explain that homeschoolers do not want education tax credits. They are also an added expense to taxpayers.

Please call the Governor's office as soon as you can since this bill is moving so quickly. (If it's easier for you to email than call, do so, making sure that you include your full name and street address. However, calls are more effective.)

You can contact Governor Doyle's office at one of the following numbers.

Madison Office 608-266-1212

Northern Office 715-762-5900

Milwaukee Office 414-227-4344

Or to email the Governor's office, go to http://www.wisgov.state.wi.us/ and click on the "Contact Us" link and fill out the online email form.

Inform other homeschoolers, your support group, and anyone else you know. We need as many calls as possible; your calls matter.

Thank you for your work to maintain our homeschooling freedoms!

The WPA Board

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