Since “home based private educational programs” are not included in the state statute regarding immunization (252.04), this does not apply to homeschoolers.  Confirmation of this is also noted on page 6 of the Department of Health Services publication, “Wisconsin School Immunization Requirements, 2016-2017.

However, if homeschoolers decide to take classes at public or private schools or participate in activities such as sports or extra curricular activities, these students may be required to provide this information to the institution.

Does my local school district receive money for my child even though he/she is homeschooled?

No. In Wisconsin, public schools receive most of their funding from state aid and property taxes. State equalization aid is distributed to school districts based, in part, on the number of students enrolled in the public schools on certain dates during the school year. Since a homeschooled student is not enrolled in a public school, the child’s resident school district is not allowed to count that child in its enrollment count for the purposes of claiming state aid. As a homeschooler, there are no state funds allocated to your school district on behalf of your child.

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