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When and How to File the Required Form PI-1206 Electronically

If Your Children Are Enrolled in a Public or Conventional Private School and/or Are Currently Attending Such a School, Please Read This Article on Dealing With School Officials and . . .

This Article on Withdrawal Forms.

Homeschooling works! Homeschooling strengthens families that vary in lifestyle, approach to education, religious beliefs, and income.

Thanks to homeschoolers working together through WPA, Wisconsin has one of the most reasonable homeschooling laws in the country. WPA provides the information, support, and encouragement you need and welcomes everyone interested in homeschooling. WPA also promotes and protects the roles, responsibilities, and rights of parents.

You can homeschool! Here’s how…

Get started homeschooling. Find the basic information you need to start, then dig into the links on WPA’s web site.
Find homeschoolers near you. WPA’s Regional Contacts are ready to help you get in touch and find resources and support groups near you.
Become a WPA member. WPA is a statewide, inclusive, grassroots organization that welcomes all homeschoolers. Here’s why to join.
Order the handbook. With this essential reference and a public library, you can homeschool very inexpensively.