The information below is from the May 2016 WPA Conference.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming events.


Used Books and Learning Materials

Follow instruction carefully.

All sellers must volunteer for at least one shift.  This is not mandatory if you are donating the proceeds to WPA, we would still love your help though!

Questions:Deb Tuszkiewicz: usedbooksale@homeschooling-wpa.org

Used Book Sale Instructions PDF

  • Sellers: By April 22, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Deb Tuszkiewicz, 5120 24th Pl, Kenosha, WI 53144-1396. This envelope will be used to mail you your check for items sold. If your envelope is not received prior to the deadline, you may not participate in the sale. Or donate to WPA the money from the sale of your items. See the last point in this list.
  • Sale will be from 7 am to 2 pm Saturday only.
  • Conference name tags are required for admission to sale.
  • Sale is for homeschooling families only, not for commercial resale businesses.
    The Used Book Sale is an opportunity to sell your personal homeschool items/curriculum.  Please do not use the sale as a way to resell items for profit.  Any seller suspected of selling items for profit will be banned from future sales.
  • Cash and personal checks will be accepted for payment.
  • Customers should bring bags or boxes for their purchases.
  • Due to space limitations, do not bring strollers into the sale.
  • Neither sale personnel nor WPA is responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or improperly marked.
  • All sales are final. There are no returns.
  • Support WPA by donating the proceeds from selling some or all of your books and learning materials. In the upper left corner of the 3 x 5 card, write WPA. Fill out the rest of the card as usual. WPA will keep the money from these sales. Please note that if any of these books do not sell, they will not be returned to you since they don’t have your name on them.


(I) Bring only items directly related to education. Inappropriate items (rummage sale items), incomplete, or incorrectly labeled items will not be put out for the sale. Final decisions regarding sale items will be made by the coordinator. Rejected items will be returned to the seller.

(II) Make one 3×5 index card for every item for sale. The index cards are used to compute your sales. Do not use scrap paper because it gets torn when volunteers remove it from the sale items.

  • In upper left corner, print your name, last name first. Or if you are donating the money from the sale of the item to WPA, write “WPA” and do not include your name.
  • In upper right corner, print title (or name of item) and name of category (not number). No more than two copies of an item or book will be permitted in the sale. 
  • In the center of each card, print the price when new (if known) and your asking price. Make prices reasonable, half price or less for most. Your customers are fellow homeschoolers, please keep this in mind when pricing your items.

Please categorize your items properly. Items are more likely to be sold when placed in the proper category. Don’t invent a category to fit your item as this causes a problem when organizing the sale. The following categories include but are not limited to the items listed for each category.

  1. Grade Levels K-8, High School – graded workbooks, graded textbooks, graded reading material
  2. General Science – related reading materials, related textbooks or laboratory manuals, and science kits
  3. Math – related reading material, textbooks, workbooks, math manipulatives
  4. History – historical novels, textbooks, history related material
  5. Social Studies – textbooks, geography items, maps
  6. Literature – literary classics, novels, and autobiographies
  7. Story Books – picture books, bedtime storybooks, children’s storybooks
  8. Early Readers – books for beginning readers
  9. Language Arts – workbooks, textbooks, language arts related materials (including writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting)
  10. Foreign Language – foreign language workbooks, audio tapes, games, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and reading material
  11. Music – workbooks, textbooks, activity books, games, instruments, and related reading material
  12. Art – books, activities, craft sets, and art materials
  13. Religious/ Inspirational – reading materials, DVDs, and devotional books
  14. After High School – resources on jobs, job training, college, financial aid, etc.
  15. Computer/Video/Audio – educational computer games, videos or DVDs for children, and children’s books on tape or CD
  16. Parent Resources – homeschooling books and parenting books
  17. Reference Materials – atlases, encyclopedias, and related materials
  18. Multi-Grade Subjects – workbooks and textbooks covering 2 or more grades
  19. Games – complete games for preschool – adult. The intent is for the games to be educational. Do not bring adult puzzles, toys, incomplete games (missing pieces or missing instructions).
  20. Miscellaneous – magazines, hobby books, logic books, or anything that does not fit in the previous categories
  21. Free – workbooks, textbooks, magazines, or books that you choose not to sell. Mark the index card “Free” (no name, subject or price).

(III) Sets: Place in one- or two-gallon ziplock bags or similar reclosable containers. No rubber bands or string. For items in large ziplock bags, the index card should be placed inside the bag so customers can see the necessary information. Please do not tape the card(s) inside the books and then place in a ziplock bag. Items that are not labeled clearly will be returned to the seller.

(IV) Tape 3 x 5 index card on inside front cover of books or upper left corner of other items. Use enough tape to secure the card but not so much that the card cannot be removed intact. If cards fall off, neither sale personnel nor WPA will be responsible for unpaid items.

(V) Place with your items a typed or written list of items and asking price, organized by category, your name, address, and phone number.

(VI) Within three weeks, sellers will be mailed a check for items sold. (A 20% fee will be deducted from sales to help cover costs.) By April 22, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Deb Tuszkiewicz, 5120 24th Pl, Kenosha, WI 53144-1396. Or consider telling Deb to donate to WPA the money from the sale of your items.

(VII) Drop off items and your list on Friday, May 6, 6-8 pm at Kolf Gym. See map

(VIII) Unsold books may be picked up after 3:30 pm Saturday. Any remaining after 5:00 pm will be donated, unless you have made prior arrangements.