The information below is from the May 2016 WPA Conference.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming events.


Family Activity Workshops

Check out the fantastic family workshops designated by a triangle in the workshop descriptions and listed separately on the Family Activity Workshops page. Plan to attend with your children or have another responsible person accompany them.


Connections is a play and exploration space open all day Saturday in Gruenhagen Conference Center.  Come build forts, play games, make cool art, take apart machines, excavate in rice and enjoy the company of other homeschooling families.  Connections is a place to take a break, make new friends and great memories.

Children Are Welcome With Parents

Many families enjoy Connections, special events, and the affordable housing. Plan to attend Family Activity workshops with your children who are under 12 or have another responsible person accompany them. Or take them to adult workshops with you. Many parents bring snacks and quiet, losable toys. Please sit where you can easily leave if your children become noisy and return when they are settled. Some families bring a helper to play quietly with children while parents attend workshops. Because of space constraints, please do not bring strollers into workshops (including Family Activity workshops), the used book sale, and other such events. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Family Folk Dance

See the Family Folk Dance page

Build WPA’s Third LEGO® City

Be part of WPA’s third LEGO City. Register for one (or more) workshops (A-12, B-13, C-11, D-13) where people will be constructing buildings and vehicles for a huge city out of LEGOs. Work with other homeschoolers. Learn about architecture, geometry, spatial relations, city planning, and more. Watch the city grow during the conference. Have fun! The room will also have a safe area where younger children can build with DUPLOs (LEGOs too large to swallow). All materials provided; please do not bring your own LEGOs.

Important Note: This is not childcare. Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by a responsible older person.

Resource Fair

See the Resource Fair page

Swim in campus pool.

No charge. Friday 4 to 6 pm and Saturday 4 to 6 pm. Lifeguard on duty. Adult supervision required.

Explore Oshkosh

See the Meals, Etc. page