The information below is from the May 2015 WPA Conference.

Plan now to attend the next WPA Conference on May 6-7, 2016. Details will be posted in early March, 2016.


Resource Fair

Exciting new resources for all homeschoolers, however you approach homeschooling: curriculums, textbooks, workbooks, games, nature study, history, supplies, and much more.

Conference goers who have registered for workshops may visit the Resource Fair at no extra charge, but you must pick up your name tag in the Gruenhagen Conference Center to be admitted to the Fair.

WPA does not endorse specific curriculums or learning materials.

“Please Touch” Curriculum Resources.

  • Find out what some of those materials you’ve heard or read about are really like. Examine textbooks and other materials belonging to homeschooling families who have brought them for display.
  • Materials from TOPS Science, CPO Science, Apologia Science, NOEO Science, Lightning Literature, Windows to the World, Handwriting Without Tears, Saxon Math, Singapore Math, Beast Academy Math, Art of Problem Solving Math, Math U See, several high-school science and math texts, Story of the World, Latin, Greek, and Spanish materials, and many, many more.
  • Then order your own materials after the conference through the internet, stores in your area, etc.
  • Loan your favorite materials for the display. Call the WPA voice mail at 608-283-3131 and ask for details.

Exciting Offerings at the WPA Resource Fair

A member of the WPA Conference Planning Committee who’s working on the Resource Fair wrote:

From my perspective, one thing we homeschoolers have in common is an “open mind.” Let’s face it – we have to have an open mind about education when we choose to teach our children at home. One (of the many) reason(s) our family chose to homeschool is to help facilitate our child’s education so that it fits with what he eventually chooses to do in life. Our hope is that when he’s ready, he’ll choose something he loves. Giving him choices is a blessing that we recognize daily in our method for homeschooling. Many years ago, a speaker at a WPA workshop explained it to me this way, “It’s like filling a wheelbarrow full of the things that interest them. If their interests change, empty the wheelbarrow and fill it with new choices.” How and what we fill that wheelbarrow with depends on the resources we have at hand. Because my husband and I have a shared love of learning, we believe those resources are limitless. Finding out about new methods, ideas, and resources helps us keep that open mind and reinforces the feeling that the world really is at our fingertips.

A good place to start is with other homeschoolers. Word of mouth for field trips, homeschool groups, etc. enables us to offer a wide array of choices to our child. Sometimes that’s going to see and experience a Civil War Reenactment, learning about tracking crepuscular creatures with the use of a black light during a night hike in the snow, or following in the footsteps of the Underground Railroad. I always get butterflies when another homeschooling parent starts a sentence with, “You know what works for us…” comparing notes so to speak.

Another great place to do that is the WPA Resource Fair. There you’ll find some new and exciting opportunities available to your family. In the Resource Fair this year, you’ll not only find curriculum providers, but educational games, learning resources, books to reinforce curiosity and instill a love of reading, wooden toys carefully handcrafted from hardwood, as well as the presence of state-wide organizations that enable your lifelong love of learning by experiencing.

Another great opportunity your family will find at the Resource Fair is interaction with many of our exhibitors. Ask questions and get answers. Sometimes these intellectual collisions lead to more value than you ever anticipated, leading you to even more new discoveries. You may even notice new faces from new workshops presented by exhibitors this year.

And look to our Literature Bags at the conference for more resources for this year and clues on what we’re already working on and planning for next year!

Partial List of 2015 Exhibitors