Here’s what some people had to say about last year’s conference:


“I always expect an AMAZING, AWESOME, INSPIRING, LIFE­-AFFIRMING Conference. This year was no exception.”

“Wish I could attend more workshops!”

“My favorite part of any WPA conference is a feeling of being welcomed. Every room I walk into has smiling people. I chat with people I only see once a year. I talk to strangers who seemed like long lost friends. I go to workshops and am welcomed with a smile, a handout, and shared information. From the time I step up to the registration table, to the end of the WPA Membership Meeting, I feel welcomed.”

“I love coming here. It provides a breath of fresh air & reassurance we are not alone!”

“My kids start asking about the conference in December every year.  The conference is a vacation, an adventure, and huge dose of information and reassurance–every year.”

“I like the change for Friday with opening ceremonies, graduation & dance without workshops.”

“My favorite memory from a WPA conference is seeing all the children and their parents in the lunchroom. I enjoyed seeing such a wide variety of people all coming together to eat and talk about homeschooling and the conference.”

“Thank you for being our support system. Everyone helped me to believe I am doing the right thing!! I very much liked the ‘family’ feel.”

“I learned so much, gained confidence, found new resources and left with a pile of books from the used book sale–what a weekend!”

“We don’t have a lot of support from our family or in our community.  The conference made us realize that there is an incredible homeschooling community in WI and now we are hooked into that community!”