The information below is from the May 2016 WPA Conference.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming events.


C Workshops (Saturday, 1:00-2:10 pm)

C-1 Taking Responsibility: WPA Past, Present and Future

Join WPA’s Executive Director Jen Lynch and President of the Board of Directors Pamela Roland for a presentation on where WPA began, where it is now, and where it is going. Hear the importance of taking responsibility for your family’s homeschooling and as a homeschooler in your community. What are the risks and consequences of “giving away” our rights? Challenge yourself to move forward with joy and gratitude that each family has the ability to homeschool their children according to their own principles and beliefs.

C-2 Steps to Strengthen Your Homeschool

Jennifer GrasseOne of homeschooling’s greatest strengths can also be its most daunting aspect—extreme flexibility. Regardless of your approach or educational philosophy, learn 5 steps to create a plan that fits your family perfectly, including how to identify goals and philosophies, set specific goals and make an action plan for each child, put the plans into practice on a daily basis, and revise them based on experience and changes as your family learns and grows.

C-3 Homeschooling Boys: Exploring the Unique Educational Needs of Boys

Jennifer L.W. FinkBoys and girls are different. But did you know those differences affect their education? Hear about the very real differences between boys’ brains and girls’ brains, the many ways a conventional one-size-fits-all education fails to meet the needs of boys, and techniques parents can use to facilitate their sons’ learning.

C-4 How to Unschool the “Right” Way

Erich MoraineTime to look under the hood of unschooling. What makes it go? What makes it stop? What are the concepts at the personal level which make it a successful homeschooling modality? What do you pay attention to? What do you ignore? When do you step in? When do you step back? Is it true anything goes when you unschool?

C-5 How Some Fathers Lead and Direct Their Homeschools

Paul MullinWhat roles do fathers play in their families’ homeschooling? What leadership do their provide in religion and other areas? How do they support their wives? In what ways do they guide their families’ homeschooling, even when their schedules do not allow much free time? Includes time for questions from the audience.

C-6 Single Parents Can and Do Homeschool: A Discussion

Annette Aeschbach, ModeratorDiscuss the joys and challenges of homeschooling as a single parent. What has surprised you? What are the biggest challenges? Where do you find support? How do you deal with your doubts and the criticism of others? A workshop for beginning and experienced single parent homeschoolers and single parents considering homeschooling.

C-7 Homeschooling During the High School Years: A More Relaxed Approach

Lori FaresExplore possibilities for academics as well as social and family relations during the high school years. Find resources, ideas. and ways for parents and teens to enjoy each other and avoid the typical teen stereotype. How this approach prepares teens for college and/or employment, including ways to create a transcript.

C-8 Helping Kids Learn to Read Without a Purchased Curriculum

Susan Kaseman–Helping kids become lifelong readers by encouraging them to learn to read in their own way, at their own time. Recognizing activities that help develop reading skills. Creating an environment that encourages reading. Discovering the connection between letters and sounds. Working with late readers.

C-9 Learning in Their Own Time

Jenny Landowski–How to recognize and accept that different children have different timetables and the advantages to working within that timetable. What are the advantages to later learning? What are the disadvantages to a “one-size-fits-all” curriculum, preschool screening, and/or early labeling? How to help children feel comfortable with their timetable and handle potentially embarrassing situations, as well as dealing with critics and our own doubts.

C-10 Teens Connecting and Sharing Experiences: A Discussion for Teens

Emma Landowski, ModeratorJoin a group of homeschooling teens to discuss questions like: What do you like most about homeschooling? What do you say when people ask you what it’s like to be a homeschooler? How do you handle the pressure from people who keep asking what you’re going to do when you grow up? Moderator is a young adult homeschool graduate.

C-11 Build WPA’s Third LEGO® City

John and Sylvia PeineConstruct buildings and vehicles for a huge city. Watch the LEGO city grow during the conference. Learn about architecture, geometry, spatial relations, city planning, and more. Separate area where younger children can build with larger DUPLOs. All materials provided. Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by a responsible older person.

C-12 Line Dancing

Evie LynchHave fun learning line dances including, The Macarena, The Hustle, Rajio Taiso (Japanese line dance), and The Electric Slide. All ages welcome, no dance experience necessary, no partners required.

C-13 Pause. Observe. Wonder.—Inspiration in everyday experience

Heidi Hankley-Have you ever looked at the clouds and found a hidden picture? In this hands on workshop, learn about fun ways that help you see the world differently. Make a notebook to capture your observations and record things that inspire you. Take the time to be inspired by patterns, textures and sounds that are all around us. All ages welcome, younger artists will need an older helper.

C-14 Flying Your Drone or Model Airplane

David StackDo you have a drone or model airplane or are you thinking of getting one? This session will provide an introduction to the world of hobby drones. It will also cover how to be safe and legal while you’re having fun with your drone or model airplane.

C-15 Outdoor Activities for All Ages

Jennine PufahlAfter meeting in lobby of Gruenhagen Conference Center (weather permitting), children and parents will walk to a nearby green space to play kickball, capture the flag, and/or soccer. If the weather is unsuitable, go to Connections for games and activities.