The information below is from the May 2015 WPA Conference.

Plan now to attend the next WPA Conference on May 6-7, 2016. Details will be posted in early March, 2016.


D Workshops (Saturday, 2:30-3:40 pm)

D-1 Let’s Go! See the USA

Jenny Landowski–Benefit from the experience of a family of 6 that has visited 47 states by van. Deciding where to go, which route to take, highlights to see, where to stay and what to eat. Packing light. Sharing the work involved. Finding joy in the journey as well as the destination. Creating travel traditions. Keeping costs manageable.

D-2 Hack Your Learning: Community Learning Opportunities

Jenina Mella–Learn about community learning spaces around the State that provide space, materials, guidance, and access to knowledge and expertise to people who want to develop a software application, sew a costume, solder, use a laser cutter, do 3-D printing, and much more (sometimes without traditional classes). Connect your homeschool to the larger community by locating organizations through which you can find learning mentors and connect to shared resources and knowledge.

D-3 Better Than Money Can Buy: Creating Your Own Curriculum

Roy Underhill–Rethinking curriculum choices to make a curriculum that fits your child rather than making your child fit a curriculum. Ways to create a curriculum that’s better than a prepackaged, one-size-fits-all version. Including topics important for your child (either now or later in adult life) that are not usually covered in conventional schools. Studying subjects at different depths for different lengths of time, in non-traditional order with non-traditional resources.

D-4 Just Write!

Sarah and Emily Gilbert–Ways to encourage your children to write. Tips on responding, revising, and publishing (even if it’s just on the fridge). Pitfalls to avoid. Presentation plus a discussion-come prepared to share your ideas. This workshop will focus on helping kids get excited about communicating their ideas rather than the mechanics of handwriting, spelling, etc.

D-5 How Teens View Their Homeschooling Experience: A Panel Discussion

Marty Deming, Moderator–Teens share their homeschooling experiences, some of what they’ve studied and done, and how they feel about it, for an audience of other homeschooling teens and parents, those considering homeschooling for high school, and those interested in a variety of homeschooling experiences and how they work out. Panel includes teens in the midst of homeschooling for high school or graduating this year.

D-6 How Couples Can Work Together and Support Each Other While Homeschooling

Shea and Mark Holter–Setting goals for your family and modifying them as everyone grows and learns. Sharing the work and play and the joys and challenges involved in homeschooling. Trusting and supporting each other when dealing with situations in which the two of you don’t see eye-to-eye.

D-7 Whose Problem Is It? A Discussion on Parenting

Erich Moraine, Moderator–How does homeschooling (and especially unschooling) influence our role and responsibilities as parents? What kinds of decisions are appropriate for young people to make? When do less than ideal outcomes turn into good learning experiences and when do parents need to step in? Can parents set boundaries and still respect their children as individuated humans deserving of respect?

D-8 Make Time For Homeschool Support Groups

Diane Rodencal–Whether you are seeking a local support group, fine tuning one that you are in, or thinking of starting your own, this workshop offers important tips for creating a healthy support community. You’ll gain insights for finding the right fit for you and your children, for group success, and for resources for positive networking.

D-9 Introduction to Wisconsin's Homeschooling Law

Joe King–What the law requires and how to comply. Other Wisconsin laws (such as truancy laws) which also affect homeschoolers. How to protect the homeschooling law from change. How to avoid legal difficulty. Questions from the audience.

D-10 Earning College Credit During High School and Preparing a Transcript

Lori Guilliams and Janet Ozsvath–Keeping records of your high school academic work. Converting what you have done into high school credits to put on a transcript. Ways to earn dual credits during high school. Using resources such as REA books and CLEP study guides to prepare for the CLEP tests. Each presenter has a son who is a homeschool graduate.

D-11 Teens Connecting and Sharing Experiences: A Discussion for Teens

Emma Landowski, Moderator Join a group of homeschooling teens to discuss questions like: What do you like most about homeschooling? What do you say when people ask you what it’s like to be a homeschooler? How do you handle the pressure from people who keep asking what you’re going to do when you grow up? Moderator is a homeschool graduate.

D-12 Birds of Prey Basics

Rex Runke Come and learn about birds of prey, their anatomy and behaviors and their role in our environment. Meet one or two live representatives of the bird species.

D-13 Build WPA’s Second LEGO® City

See A-16. Also B-17, C-13.

D-14 Game Time!

Petersen Family–See C-15.

D-15 Introduction to Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Art

Kim, Mark and Dylan Regnitz See B-17.

D-16 Soccer for Ages 5 to 8

Tony Zappia Same as C-17 except for younger kids.