Used Book Sale Details

Learn more about the Used Book Sale here.

What Can Be Sold:

  • Educational books and software
  • Curriculum
  • Educational games
  • Items that are clean and free from odor
  • Items free of debris
  • All items must be working, usable and in good condition
  • Items brought in to sell must fit on your table and space allotted.

What Cannot Be Sold:

  • Stuffed/soft toys
  • Miscellaneous toys

What Can You Expect:

  • Table will be skirted.
  • Space is limited and will be reserved on a first come/first served basis.
  • Each space is 8’x6′ and includes one 8’ table and 2 chairs.
  • Space should be kept free and clear of debris and organized at all times with 4’ allotment of walking space for customers.
  • Displays for your sale items may be incorporated in your space (for example: sturdy crates to stack on top of table or around tables on floor (as long as you do not impede adequate walk way). Cardboard boxes may not be used to display. Space must be allotted for people to shop and consider purchases. WPA may direct you to clear or organize to allot for safety and walking space.
  • Tables can not be shared.
  • Electricity is not available for charging phones or laptop use.
  • You must staff your table for the duration of the sale.
  • Tables must be kept neat and orderly for the duration of the sale.
  • You must be completely set-up and prepared to sell by 3:45 on day of sale.
  • All items must be removed by 10:30 pm day of sale (room will be utilized for workshops on Saturday).
  • You must cashier, establish pricing, and manage sales of your own items.
  • The Book Sale will close for the duration of the Welcome, Graduate Recognition, and Keynote, the space will be vacated and locked. (We recommend you please take your money and personal items with you).

Things to Consider:

  • Items must be clean, in working order, free of odor (smoke, mold, etc), without rips, tears, colorings, markings.
  • Consider having bags for your customers.
  • Bring sufficient cash for change (price accordingly – if you mark items for sale with cents, bring sufficient denominations of coins for change). Remember, having extra change is better than not enough change. Bring 1’s, 5’s, 10’s (and coins if you price as such). Consider wearing an apron or having a cash box. Will you accept checks? Will you accept a charge/debit card? If yes, you may not pass along the cost of using these services to buyers.
  • Organize items by subject matter and then by age if applicable, consider having signage to indicate large groups of items.
  • Look up USED book sale prices! Remember, there will be other sellers in the used book sale as well as multiple vendors at the Resource Fair. Price fairly and within reason.
  • Have items clearly marked with pricing.
  • Stow away empty boxes under the skirted tables.
  • You may not sell food or drink items.
  • There will be no refunds for space reserved. If you are unable to attend – please notify us at your first opportunity as we will be closely managing sellers and space allotment.
  • The Used Book Sale will be overseen by a Conference Committee Staff Volunteer for the duration of the time allotted for the sale.
  • Bring a bag for garbage and remove refuse at end of sale.

You must agree and adhere to the expectations and guidelines set forth here and in all communications from Conference Committee and Convention Center staff.

CLICK HERE to reserve and pay for your Used Book Sale space between March 4 – April 8 (or until full). Spaces are limited, available on a first-come first-serve basis, and open to any current WPA member who is registered to attend the full conference.

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