Session A Workshops

Saturday, May 9th, 2020 — 8:30 – 9:30 AM

A-01: Fired Up for the Library

(Shawn Brommer and Nicole Ozanich)

Public libraries and homeschoolers are perfect partners in learning! In this session public library staff members will describe library programs, services, and collections that support learning goals, inspire creativity, and nurture curiosity. We also will discuss the best ways to connect and work with your local public library staff and identify strategies for making long-lasting connections.

A-02: Finding Your Homeschooling Style and Choosing Resources

(Tomi Fay Forbes)

Overwhelmed by all the different styles of homeschooling? Ready for a change? Trying to figure out where to start? This session will cover various styles of homeschooling including purchased curriculum, unit studies, classical, and more. Learn how to find resources that will work for your family; for both new and experienced homeschoolers.

A-03: Charlotte Mason: A Method that Meets Each Child Where They Are

(Melisa Hills)

Are you curious about the Charlotte Mason method? Have you wondered if this literature-based method might be too restrictive for your homeschooling style? Come hear from a parent who leans on this method to support each individual child in her homeschool.

A-04: How to Make Flower Dolls

(Ella Kaseman-Wold)

Make your own 4” flexible doll from artificial flowers, wooden beads, pipe cleaners and embroidery floss. No sewing skills required.

A-05: WPA’s Legislative Watch

(Paul Mullin)


Join this long-time homeschooler to learn about WPA’s Legislative Watch’s critical role in securing and defending our homeschooling freedoms, its origins, and how it has evolved to present day.

A-06: Homeschooling with ADHD

(Neil Pascoe)

Teaching kids with ADHD can be challenging. In this workshop, learn concrete strategies to understand the struggles your children face and how to best support them. We’ll also discuss how boys and girls present symptoms differently, age appropriate norms, other syndromes that present similar characteristics, fine motor skill problems, how to provide your kids more positive feedback, better organization, and exercise.

A-07: The Importance of Play

(Megan VanBlaricum)

Play has been researched as one of the most important ways children of all ages can learn academic and social skills, body management, and behavioral development. This workshop acts as an interactive dialogue about how, as homeschool educators, we can support and provide play opportunities to enrich our children’s learning experiences. Consider following this up with workshop B-09: Supporting Play Make and Take.

A-08: What’s All the Buzz About Kids’ Biz?

(Aloha Seitz)

Are you between the ages of 7 and 17? Do you have a favorite hobby or talent? Learn how to turn it into a business and bring out the entrepreneur inside of you! Join me as we explore this together, and learn how to participate in Kids’ Business Fairs.

A-09: Worldschooling

(Cheryl Balazs)

Discover how travel can be used to enhance your homeschool experience, both close to home and around the globe. We will discuss the basics of roadschooling and worldschooling then send you off with wanderlust resources to launch your own learning adventures.

A-10: Kindermusik Workshop

(Amy Payne)

This workshop will be a demonstration of an actual Kindermusik class. We will sing, dance, and play with instruments/manipulatives. We will also discuss WHY and HOW music with movement is beneficial to little ones’ brain growth and development.

A-11: One-on-One Questions Answered

(WPA’s Question Answering Committee Members)

Are you seeking homeschooling advice for a unique situation? This is your chance to talk in private with an experienced member of WPA’s Question Answering Committee. Time allotted per question may vary; be prepared to wait your turn. We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible.

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