Session C Workshops

Saturday, May 9th, 2020 — 1:45 – 2:45 PM

C-01: No Child Left Indoors

(Eric Slifer)

C’mon out – the fresh air is good for us! Opportunities are available throughout the state to get kids outside and learning about hunting, fishing, and conservation. In this session, learn about organizations that are excited to educate and mentor children and parents in order to enjoy and respect the amazing resources Wisconsin has to offer.

C-02: Homeschool. Work. Life. Repeat: Encouragement and Advice for Parents Balancing a Career and Homeschooling

(Lori Ann Trelka)

A working mother of three who homeschools her children, elementary through highschool ages, will share how to balance homeschooling and working outside of the home, offer tips and encouragement, and give time- saving techniques for homeschooling working parents.

C-03: Gameschooling: Learning Through Play

(Ansley Knoch)

Incorporating game play into your homeschool is a great way to foster connection, infuse playfulness into tedious subjects, build social skills, improve logic and strategy, and so much more! Gameschooling is great for children of all ages and compatible with nearly all homeschool philosophies.

C-04: Avoiding Homeschooling Burnout

(Neil Pascoe)

No matter how passionate or engaged we are in our family homeschool, each of us can face discouragement, overload, and burnout. Join us in this workshop to talk about strategies to combat burnout, and to keep the fires of inspiration alive.

C-05: Transitioning From Homeschool to College on a Budget

(Tara Schultz)

Keep it $imple and real! Come listen to this homeschool graduate share how she will graduate in May with her Associate degree at the age of 18, debt-free, and without any CLEP or testing out of classes. This session is to get older youth thinking about their life and finances.

C-06: Looking Within: Unlocking Intrinsic Motivation in Your Homeschooler

(Charlie Sweet)

In this workshop you will learn about the research on motivation which has shown that traditional methods of motivating people may actually have the opposite effect. We will discuss the unintended negative consequences of reward systems; how to tap into 3 key intrinsic motivators: autonomy, mastery, and purpose; and focusing your energy on what really matters for your homeschooler.

C-07: Swing Dance Workshop

(Janet Cary)

Anyone can learn basic swing dance steps! Come learn with us, and have a chance to practice together in this fun, active workshop. This workshop includes the basic step, spins, and other moves of west-coast (aka single step) swing dancing.

C-08: Homeschooling Kids Out in Their Communities

(Ella Kaseman- Wold and Wendy Ahl; moderated by Rebecca Ahl)

It can be hard for kids in the middle years to find volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved in their communities. Hear from two early teens who have found unique ways to follow their personal passions and give back in direct and meaningful ways.

C-09: Homeschooling With Grace

(Mary Sue Slifer)

Life is messy – how do you homeschool and navigate through these challenges? From disruptions in schedule or changing curriculum to single parenting, illness, death, or moving. We’ll talk about allowing yourself and your family grace while learning.

C-10: Hands-On Nature Activities for Active Learning

(Cheryl DeWelt)

In this session we will rotate as groups through tables to explore seed saving and seed paper making, observing and identifying living organisms in lake water, owl pellet dissection, and making STEM star constellations.

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