Session D Workshops

Saturday, May 9th, 2020 — 3:00 – 4:00 PM

D-01: Homeschooling the Dyslexic Reader

(Rick and Mary Bowers)

Hear about one homeschooling family’s journey when their second grade son was failing to learn to read and was diagnosed with dyslexia. This presentation will give hope to parents who are experiencing difficulties with their child’s reading and show how the homeschooled child can be very successful.

D-02: Homeschooling From a Christian Father’s Perspective

(Paul Mullin)

Do you sometimes wonder how homeschooling fits into the Christian perspective? What role a father plays in homeschooling? Join the discussion about homeschooling from a Christian dad’s point of view with this long-time homeschooling father.

D-03: Applying for and Transitioning to a UW System School

(UW Stevens Point Recruitment Representative)

The speaker will share tips on how to prepare for college, the application process for the UW system, and some advice on transitioning from homeschooling to college.

D-04: Honoring the Quiet People in Your Homeschool

(Anna Schultz)

Children do not all learn the same way. As homeschooling parents how do we create the best learning environment for our shy or introverted children? How do you measure learning when it is not outwardly expressed? Learn how to embrace each child’s strengths and learning styles with this homeschooling mom of four (ages 20-8) and her experiences dealing with introverts.

D-05: Do No Harm

(Jodi Buntin)


Wisconsin has some of the most reasonable homeschooling laws in the country. Learn why it’s important to know and understand our law, and why doing other than what the law requires or seeking legislative solutions can cause issues for all homeschoolers. We’ll talk about
why it’s important to take personal responsibility for your homeschool, so we and future generations can continue to enjoy these homeschooling freedoms.

D-06: Gracie Jiu Jitsu: Bullyproof and Self Defense Workshop

(Nate Stevens / Stevens Self Defense)

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a system of self- defense that empowers a person to defend themselves against a bigger, heavier, stronger attacker. Gracie Bullyproof is the nationally recognized kids version which not only has the physical skills needed, but more importantly teaches verbal skills and strategies to give your child the confidence to stand up to bullies.

D-07: Homeschooling Into Highschool

(Dawn Cisler, Jennifer Grasse, and Michelle Holmquist)

Some families feel tremendous pressure to send their children to an institutional school for the high school years, but this panel of experienced homeschooling parents will share why high school may be the best time for homeschooling, and strategies to make it work for your family.

D-08: Kindermusik Workshop

(Amy Payne)

This workshop will be a demonstration of an actual Kindermusik class. We will sing, dance, and play with instruments/manipulatives. We will also discuss WHY and HOW music with movement is beneficial to little ones’ brain growth and development.

D-09: Doing ALL the Things vs. Doing the Best Things For Your Family

(Colleen Manning)

“I don’t want my kids to miss out on anything!” Come to this workshop to hear ideas about how to define your family’s goals and make a plan to focus on things that are truly meaningful to you and your children, rather than doing everything everyone else says you should or must do.

D-10: Unschooling

(Rebecca Ahl)

In this workshop we’ll talk about unschooling as a lifestyle and parenting choice, what research tells us about child-directed learning, and why unschooling is not un-parenting. We’ll work together to answer your questions and conquer your reservations about ditching short-
view, prescribed learning for a longer- view, lifestyle approach to home education.

D-11: One-on-One Questions Answered

(WPA’s Question Answering Committee members)

Are you seeking homeschooling advice for a unique situation? This is your chance to talk in private with an experienced member of WPA’s Question Answering Committee. Time allotted per question may vary; be prepared to wait your turn. We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible.

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