Suggested Learning Tracks

Check out these 16 individualized tracks for help choosing workshops for you and your family members. Download this handy Workshop Worksheet to help with planning.

New to WPA A-05 B-05 C-09 D-05
Prospective Homeschooler A-02 B-04 C-04 D-09
New to Homeschooling A-07 B-02 C-03 D-05
Survey of Homeschooling A-02 B-04 C-03 D-10
Gotta Keep Moving A-10 B-09 C-07 D-06
Out and About A-01 B-08 C-08 D-09
Nature Lovers A-04 B-08 C-10 D-04
Homeschooling Supporter A-05 B-04 C-06 D-05
Looking for Inspiration A-03 B-05 C-06 D-02
Pre-School Ages A-04 B-02 C-01 D-08
Elementary Ages A-07 B-09 C-01 D-08
Middle School Ages A-08 B-06 C-08 D-06
High School Ages A-08 B-06 C-06 D-07
College-Bound A-09 B-07 C-05 D-03
Overcoming Challenges A-06 B-03 C-02 D-01
Just for Fun A-04 B-01 C-07 D-08

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