Friday Flame for January 3, 2020

Spread the Word in YOUR Community!

WPA is a grassroots organization at its core, so it takes all of us working together to make things happen. Today, your part is super simple! 

    • The library is often the hub of homeschooling activities in any community – so start there. 
    • What about your grocery store’s community board?
    • Or the Little Free Library in your neighborhood. 
    • Coffee shops, diners, bakeries, and ice cream parlors. 
    • Craft studios, yarn shops, makers’ spaces, and music lessons. 
    • Churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. 
    • Indoor play spaces, gyms, yoga studios, trampoline parks, and ice rinks. 
    • Extension offices, town halls, and community rooms.
    • Nature centers, parks, and museums.
    • Salons, barber shops, and local boutiques.
    • Wherever you go, that’s a great place to post a flyer!
    • Of course, please be sure to get permission before you post!

  • Forward this email to your homeschooling friends, local homeschool groups, those who are considering homeschooling, and those who support Wisconsin’s homeschooling freedom. Invite them to join you at the conference for this unique, informative, and empowering event. The conference is even better when you can share it with your friends!

Thank you for your help protecting our homeschooling rights and freedoms!

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