Friday Flame for November 22, 2019

Light Your Fire

WPA’s 37th Annual Homeschooling Conference and Resource Fair is the invigoration every homeschooler can use to fuel their own homeschooling fire. The conference is exploding with inspiration and resources for the coming year. But for prospective and new homeschoolers in particular, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore homeschooling in a supportive and immersive environment. You’ll find:

  • In-depth workshops on relevant homeschooling topics
  • Active workshop sessions to get the whole family moving
  • Resource Fair full of hands-on resources and materials
  • Annual Membership Meeting directly connecting you with the Wisconsin Parents Association Board of Directors, discussing issues at hand, and getting homeschooling updates relevant to Wisconsin
  • Graduate Recognition celebrating homeschooling success stories
  • Table Talks offering one-on-one discussions with seasoned WPA Board Members and experienced volunteers on topics of concern to you
  • Hands-on learning activities for children of all ages

This and so much more as you spend quality time with other Wisconsin homeschoolers! We invite and encourage you to share this information with your fellow homeschoolers and homeschool supporters who are curious about WPA and the conference. And be sure to join or renew your WPA membership to stay up to date!

Can you help with the conference in some way? Email

A limited number of hardship scholarships will be available for WPA Member families attending the full Conference. Email for more information.

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