Friday Flame for October 11, 2019

What IS the WPA Homeschooling Conference?

Some of you may be wondering what WPA’s Conference is really like, so we thought we’d spend this week’s Friday Flame painting you a picture of just that, with our 2020 Conference Goal:


The goal of our 37th Annual Conference is to strengthen the WPA community for all Wisconsin homeschoolers — prospective through seasoned — and their families, by providing accurate information, offering enrichment opportunities, and fostering positive connections.


“Ok, great,” you’re thinking, “but what IS the Conference?” Maybe breaking this goal down into its five key components will help…

Strengthen the WPA Community

Wisconsin Parents Association is a state-wide, inclusive, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the right of parents to provide an education to their children according to their own principles and beliefs. We share the understanding that even though homeschooling families are diverse in their beliefs and backgrounds, we stand together in loving our children, valuing our children’s education, and treasuring our freedom to homeschool. Conference gives us all the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to this mission, and to each other.

For All Wisconsin Homeschoolers — Prospective Through Seasoned — And Their Families

Conference includes both structured workshop sessions and informal opportunities so you can customize your own experience. It’s a chance for all homeschoolers – adults AND children – to reignite your passion for homeschooling by learning, growing, celebrating, and connecting in many different ways!

Providing Accurate Information

Conference includes our annual Member meeting as well as numerous workshop sessions where you get timely, accurate information about homeschool law, answers to specific questions about homeschooling from experts and veteran homeschoolers, and resources for expanding your knowledge and understanding of Wisconsin homeschool law to share within your own communities.

Offering Enrichment Opportunities

Conference goes beyond “educational” with 40 workshops, a weekend-long collaborative group project, and interactive experiences in the Resource/Vendor Fair. And some of the best moments happen in between anything anyone actually planned — in the corridors between sessions, over late-night take-out in the lobby, splashing around in the waterpark, or playing frisbee outside during lunch.

Fostering Positive Connections

Friday night’s graduate recognition and social time, the perpetual “Connections” conference room for making connections with other homeschoolers, Table Talks for open-ended discussions with board members and seasoned homeschoolers, and a chance to buy and sell used curriculum round out the Conference experience with opportunities to truly engage with your fellow homeschoolers.

Here are just a few comments from attendees at the 2018 WPA Homeschool Conference:

  • This weekend, at each workshop I went to, I felt like I had found “my tribe.” I feel like I finally got a shot in the arm, the inspiration to change what needs to be changed and keep on going.
  • I always adore the experience of the conference, and being with “my people.” A lot of exhaling occurs. From the very first conference I attended, it has been invaluable to hear from a parent with teens or adult children, “It’s going to be fine.”
  • I was only able to attend 2 workshops, but they encouraged me and built up my confidence. I am excited to keep moving forward with homeschooling, and I feel so much more relaxed and less afraid of failing.
  • The conference center was amazing, the hotel was great, and we all had a fantastic time. All the way home, my sons kept talking about how much fun they had!
  • I am new to homeschooling so it was all very good, relevant information. I really appreciated all of the resources as well…both the “stuff” and the people.
  • Conferences have been critical ingredients in our homeschooling journey. The information, ideas, resources, encouragement, networking, and more that we have received have been invaluable.
  • The Connections area was essential to our success at the conference, coming as we did with two kids in tow. I looooooove [graduate recognition] and find so much inspiration from it.

Are you fired up yet?!? We are!! And we hope you will join us for our hottest Conference yet!

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