Here are just a few comments from attendees at past conferences:

  • This weekend, at each workshop I went to, I felt like I had found “my tribe.” I feel like I finally got a shot in the arm, the inspiration to change what needs to be changed and keep on going.
  • I always adore the experience of the conference, and being with “my people.” A lot of exhaling occurs. From the very first conference I attended, it has been invaluable to hear from a parent with teens or adult children, “It’s going to be fine.”
  • I was only able to attend 2 workshops, but they encouraged me and built up my confidence. I am excited to keep moving forward with homeschooling, and I feel so much more relaxed and less afraid of failing.
  • The conference center was amazing, the hotel was great, and we all had a fantastic time. All the way home, my sons kept talking about how much fun they had!
  • I am new to homeschooling so it was all very good, relevant information. I really appreciated all of the resources as well…both the “stuff” and the people.
  • Conferences have been critical ingredients in our homeschooling journey. The information, ideas, resources, encouragement, networking, and more that we have received have been invaluable.
  • The Connections area was essential to our success at the conference, coming as we did with two kids in tow. I looooooove [graduate recognition] and find so much inspiration from it.

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