Since “home based private educational programs” are not included in the state statute regarding immunization (252.04), this does not apply to homeschoolers.  Confirmation of this is also noted on page 6 of the Department of Health Services publication, “Wisconsin School Immunization Requirements, 2016-2017.

However, if homeschoolers decide to take classes at public or private schools or participate in activities such as sports or extra curricular activities, these students may be required to provide this information to the institution.

Does my local school district receive money for my child even though he/she is homeschooled?

No. In Wisconsin, public schools receive most of their funding from state aid and property taxes. State equalization aid is distributed to school districts based, in part, on the number of students enrolled in the public schools on certain dates during the school year. Since a homeschooled student is not enrolled in a public school, the child’s resident school district is not allowed to count that child in its enrollment count for the purposes of claiming state aid. As a homeschooler, there are no state funds allocated to your school district on behalf of your child.

Will I need any of my homeschool records when I enter the workforce?

The short answer is: probably.

Similar to homeschoolers getting into college, homeschoolers entering the workforce may find they have a few extra hoops to jump through when seeking employment and demonstrating that they graduated from a home-based private education program. Similar to getting into college, applying for a job as a homeschool graduate may take some additional advocacy on your part. As with entering college, you may find you will need to sell yourself and your experiences as a homeschooler. Your unique educational choices and experiences can be a real asset to a workforce filled with other employees who may have followed a more traditional path.

What home-based private education records might an employer require? Make sure you keep the following records in a safe place:

  • Your diploma issued by the administrator of your home-based private education program.
  • Your PI-1206 forms covering your high school years. (Remember that this is your proof of enrollment in a home-based private education program. The DPI only retains copies of the PI-1206 forms for seven years.)
  • Your final high school transcript.

All of these records provide documentation that you have graduated from a home-based private educational program in the state of Wisconsin and that your diploma is legitimate.

To the administrator of a home-based educational program: As the administrator of your home-based private educational program, it is your responsibility to retain these records and any other records that you deem appropriate. Consider making sure each of your students has copies of these records as well.

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