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Responding to contact from school districts

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How a bill becomes a law in Wisconsin

In June 2016, the WPA Board approved the creation of a Legislative Watch Committee, headed by our Issues Director. The LWC keeps up-to-date on state and national issues that may affect Wisconsin homeschool law. They watch, analyze, and call on members when action is needed.
So, how does a bill become a law in this state? How can we all cultivate relationships with our representatives to make it easy and productive to call when we have a concern?
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Contacting your representatives

It’s helpful to contact your representatives in the Assembly and the State Senate at the beginning of each legislative session. Here is what you want them to know:
  • You are a homeschooler and their constituent.
  • Homeschoolers in Wisconsin want to preserve our good homeschooling laws.
  • Homeschoolers DO NOT want anything from the State (especially funding and/or to be treated like a special interest).
If a bill is introduced about homeschooling or preferential treatment for homeschoolers, they then have the background to know that homeschoolers do not want the laws to change and do not want favors.
Be willing to answer questions about homeschooling or refer them to the WPA website. With this initial introduction, you are asking your representatives to do nothing, which can be surprising to them, but they will appreciate your call.
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If WPA member action is required

No matter which party you support or who represents you, you can almost always find something that your legislator voted on that you agree with. Starting your conversation with a thank you can be an effective way to grab their attention.
Phone calls are more effective than any other form of communication with your legislators. Emails and letters can also be helpful, but talking with your legislator or someone from his/her office is immediate and usually more memorable. It also gives them a chance to ask you questions, if they have any. At this point it is also helpful to leave them with WPA’s website should any additional questions arise. Remember that, as a homeschooler, you are really only trying to make two points:
  • The homeschooling laws in Wisconsin are working and you want them to remain as they are.
  • As a homeschooler, you do not want any favors from the state.
If you are nervous about calling, plan your points in advance and call after-hours to get your legislator’s voicemail. Remember that when you call, you should begin the call with your home address so the legislator knows you are one of their constituents. Personal responsibility is the foundation of homeschooling in Wisconsin. Knowing how the legislative process works, and getting involved, are part of protecting our homeschooling freedoms. We are always happy to hear from members about issues in your area. Please keep in touch

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