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Family Activity Workshops (marked with a ▲)

These workshops are designed to be fun for participants of all ages.

Table Talks

Join us immediately following the Opening Ceremony and Graduation for a time to talk one-on-one with experienced homeschoolers.  Table talks will be arranged by category; high school, record-keeping, getting started, curriculum etc. and will be led by WPA Regional Contacts and WPA Board Members.


Connections is a place for families to play, hang out, and visit all day (Saturday 8 am – 4:30 pm).  Activities include electronics take-aparts, ink-dying banners, sensory table, texture rubbings, and a monster maker game. Adults are encouraged to step in and share the activities with their kids. It is a great place for parents to get new ideas for their families and for kids to meet other kids and try something new.

Annual Member Meeting

Come and hear about what WPA has been doing in the past year and what the future holds.  It is the time where you (the members) can ask questions, raise issues, and make suggestions for the organization. WPA is a grassroots organization. That means YOU are the organization.  A lot of changes are on the horizon for WPA, come learn what is happening and how you can influence the future of WPA.

Stuff Swap

On Saturday in Expo Room 4 there will be tables set up for you to bring items you’d like to get rid of and pick up items that look intriguing to you.  As homeschooling families, money can be tight.  This is a chance to share things you’re finished with and to acquire things that might breathe some new life into your daily routine.  Books, curriculum, manipulatives, and videos are welcome. No money may exchange hands and all items left at the end of the conference will be donated or sold at Half Price Books, proceeds to WPA.  Help your community and your closets!

“Please Touch Curriculum” Resources

Find out what some of those materials you’ve heard or read about are really like.  Examine textbooks and other materials belonging to homeschooling families who have brought them for display.  These items are NOT for sale.  They are a resource provided by your fellow homeschoolers to help you explore and make decisions about what you may want to purchase for your own use.  Located near the WPA table in the main commons.

Resource Fair

This year the Resource Fair will be open 4-10pm on Friday and 7 am-5 pm on Saturday.  The Resource Fair is located in the heart of the conference area and will be open late enough for those who wish to tuck children into bed and come back to peruse alone. Exhibitors offer resources for all homeschoolers, whatever your approach to homeschooling.  Curricula, textbooks, workbooks, games, art materials, toys, activity opportunities, and books will all be on display.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions, get ideas, and make some purchases.


The hotel pool is open 6 am – 11 pm daily for all hotel guests.  A lifeguard will be in duty for the waterslide Friday 7:30 – 9:30 pm and Saturday 8 – 11 am.

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