Things you need to know


Conference registration closes April 20, 2018




Children welcome with parents.

You are welcome to attend Family Activity workshops with your children, or take them to adults workshops with you.

Children must be accompanied at all times, including in the Connections area. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

During workshops, please sit where you can easily leave if your children become noisy, and return when they are settled.

Some families bring a helper to play quietly with children while parents attend workshops.

Due to space constraints, please do not bring strollers into any workshops.


Grandparents are welcome as part of your family registration, and are included in your conference fee. Often grandparents come to provide child care. They are also welcome to sign up for workshops.

Other important information

  • All participants must have a name tag to attend any part of the conference.
  • Photography and videography permitted only by WPA authorized photographers (will be displayed on name tag).  Photos and videos may be used by WPA.
  • Unauthorized individuals may not record any part of the conference in any way.

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