Workshop Session B — Saturday, May 5, 10:00-11:00 am

B-1: Choosing a Style of Homeschooling and Finding Resources—Tomi Fay ForbesOverwhelmed by all the different styles of homeschooling that are available? Ready for a change from the stye you’ve been using?  Trying to figure out where to start?  Basic information will be offered about various styles of homeschooling, including purchased curriculum, unit studies, classical, and more.  Learn about ways to find resources that will work for your family.  This workshop is for  both new and experienced homeschoolers.

B-2: Homeschooling Children of Different Ages—Anna SchultzHow do you keep your sanity while keeping up with curricula, lessons plans, record keeping, and household work with several children of different ages?  How do you know you’re covering everything? Why are multiple ages an asset to teaching and learning in a family? Come listen while this experienced homeschooling mother shares her experiences and insights of homeschooling her four children that vary in age from 6 to 18. This workshop will include time for questions and discussion.

B-3: Adulting is Hard!—Jen and Scott Lynch Is it?  Any skill, including growing into adulthood, is hard if you have not had a chance to practice it.  This workshop will explore constructing a framework of progressive responsibility for your children, sometimes referred to as “scaffolding.”   Join us as we talk about strategies for various ages, how to do it, and why it’s important.

B-4: Making it Work—Aleesha RoterJoin a homeschooling mom who also works full time outside of her home.  Are you homeschooling and working?  Wondering if you could? Hear about 5 perilous traps to avoid and explore creative ideas for managing your school when duty calls.

B-5: Video Games Are Not the Enemy: How Embracing Gaming Can Enhance Learning (& Family Relationships)—Jennifer FinkIf the sight of your child settling in on the couch to play yet another video game puts you on edge, this is the session for you. Topics we’ll discuss include parental fears, the latest research regarding the effects of video gaming, and the social and educational benefits of gaming. The presenter will show you how you can use your child’s love to gaming to build science, math, art, engineering, language arts and social skills.

B-6: How Did I Think I Could Homeschool My Children?—Juli HackerDo you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated or question the benefit of being together all day every day?  When homeschooling gets difficult how do you take care of yourself and your relationships with your family? What is involved in turning the day or week around?  How can you focus on the positive and help each of your family members develop positive relationships with each other?

B-7: The World is Our School: Enriching Experiences for High School and Beyond—Cindy Komro, Kiley Komro and Jeani SlaymakerWhat if, in the midst of focusing on academics and preparation for college, there were amazing opportunities for our teenagers to explore and experience the world?  Find out more about opportunities that exist for high school students and beyond.  Join two homeschooling parents and a recent homeschool graduate who have explored a few of these exciting options.

▴ B-8: Theater Games— This session is now closed.  Please make another choice or plan to head to Connections or the pool! Kendall RolandCome play theater games and practice simple improvisation.  All ages welcome.

▴ B-9: Little Flower Dolls—Ella Kaseman-WoldDesign and make your own 4″ flexible doll from artificial flowers, wooden beads, pipe cleaners, and embroidery floss. No sewing skills required.

▴ B-10: Build a Recycled City!Join fellow homeschoolers and help create an amazing city!  Using basic craft materials and re-purposing recyclables, we’ll create all the buildings and spaces we want in our city. Bring your ideas and help make our city a good place to live. All materials provided, no building experience necessary.

Denotes Family Activity Workshop

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