Workshop Session C — Saturday, May 5, 1:30-2:30 pm

C-1: Homeschooling During the High School Years: A More Relaxed Approach—Lori FaresExplore possibilities for academics as well as social and family relations during the high school years. Find resources, ideas, and ways for parents and teens to enjoy each other and avoid the typical teen stereotype. This workshop will discuss how this approach prepares teens for college and/or employment, including ways to create a transcript.

C-2: 5 Steps to Strengthen Your Homeschool—Jennifer GrasseOne of homeschooling’s greatest strengths can also be its most daunting aspect–extreme flexibility. Regardless of your approach or educational philosophy, learn 5 steps to create a plan that fits your family perfectly, including how to identify goals and philosophies, set specific goals and make an action plan for each child, put the plans into practice on a daily basis, and revise them based on experience and changes as your family learns and grows.

C-3: Autism at Home—The Tolzmann FamilyJoin a family, as they share their experiences homeschooling their now 16 year old son affected by autism spectrum disorder. Hear about why they chose homeschooling and about their transition from public school. The presenters will share suggestions for establishing routines, finding flexibility, and building on strengths as well as finding and using resources.  Both parents serve with nonprofits that support the autism community.

C-4: What is going on in my teen’s brain?—Jen LynchThe adolescent brain is both fascinating and mysterious.  Drawing on neuroscience research and the wisdom of long-term educators and child-observers, this session will explore the teenage brain’s capacity for change and how homeschooling can offer strategies for instilling resilience, self-control, and other beneficial traits.

C-5: How to Create a Meaningful Family Budget—John RolandHomeschooling sometimes requires financial creativity.  Come and learn about how the presenter’s family committed to a family budget and how it changed their life.  There will be a focus on how to determine what is important to you as a family, how to translate that into a family budget, and some clear and simple possibilities for how to implement a family budget and keep yourselves accountable.

C-6: Managing Expectations: Transitioning from Unschooling to College—Cindy KomroNow that you’ve successfully unschooled your young adult through high school, you can relax, right? Not so fast! If your child plans to attend college, the transition to the next stage of learning can be a bit bumpy at times. A seasoned unschooler with two graduates and two high school students shares her (still unfolding) story, providing insight and advice on topics from helping your student learn how to take tests, allowing your student to navigate the challenges of multiple classes, instructors, assignments, and teaching methods, and managing everyone’s expectations along the way.

C-7: Homeschool Travel Adventures – Explore the World without Breaking the Bank—Melissa YatzeckHave you always wanted to travel? Have you told yourself you would get around to it someday, perhaps when the kids were older, or you had more money? Come hear one homeschooling family’s story of how they traveled for six weeks in Europe with four children ages 2 through 10, packed only one small backpack per person for the whole trip, and spent far less than you would imagine. Hear about travel tips applicable to all sorts of travel adventures, whether you are yearning to cross the ocean or simply tour Wisconsin. Presentation will include “travel hacking,” packing simply, setting appropriate expectations for traveling with kids, and more.

C-8: Teen Discussion—Jenny LandowskiJoin a group of homeschooling teens to discuss questions like: What do you like most about homeschooling? What do you say when people ask you what it’s like to be a homeschooler?  How do you handle pressure from people who keep asking what you’re going to do when you grow up?

▴ C-9: Speaking of Fun: Speech Games for All Ages—Join homeschooling families as they share their favorite speech club games.  Possibilities include: Introduce Yourself, The Thankful Game, My Friend’s Fictional Life, Round Robin Storytelling, Impromptu Sales Pitch, Coloring Game, and The Minister’s Cat.  Everyone will be encouraged, but not required, to participate.

▴ C-10: Birds of Prey Basics—Rex RunkeCome and learn about birds of prey, their anatomy and behaviors, and their role in our environment.  Meet one or two live birds.

▴ C-11: Build a Recycled City!—Join fellow homeschoolers and help create an amazing city!  Using basic craft materials and re-purposing recyclables, we’ll create all the buildings and spaces we want in our city. Bring your ideas and help make our city a good place to live. All materials provided, no building experience necessary.

Denotes Family Activity Workshop

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