Workshop Session D— Saturday, May 5, 3:00-4:00 pm

D-1: Surviving and Thriving with Technology:  A Discussion About How Families Set Goals and Limits That Work for Everyone—Pamela Roland, ModeratorTechnology can be a wonderful thing, however it can also cause a great deal of stress and strife in a family.  How do you know how much is too much?  How can you successfully set limits on technology?  How do we decide as a family how to manage our technology use?   Come with your experiences and knowledge.

D-2: Planning a Class for Your Homeschool—Jennifer GrasseLearn how to create a course of study that exactly meets your family’s homeschooling goals, uses resources targeted to grab your child’s interest, and aligns with your educational philosophies and day-to-day family schedule.  Focus will be on providing a framework that allows you to create a no-cost/low-cost class by focusing on how to set course objectives, gather necessary resources, schedule activities, and evaluate/adjust as necessary.  Record keeping will also be addressed.

D-3: Charlotte Mason for Beginners—Melisa HillsDo you want to know more about what a Charlotte Mason education is and what makes it unique?  Is it just for younger children or is it a rigorous education for your child’s entire homeschooling career? Is it all about nature walks & tea time? Just what IS a Living Book? Why would you want to have a Charlotte Mason education in your home? Come find out more about this educational style from an experienced homeschooling mom passionate about Charlotte Mason.  Presentation followed by Q & A

D-4: Reflections of Unschooling Parents: A panel discussion—Jeani Slaymaker, ModeratorAs homeschoolers, we tend to have many doubts and fears.  What about math and reading?  Will our kids be prepared for college, if that’s the path they choose?  What skills and experiences will end up being the most useful and meaningful?  A panel of experienced unschoolers talk about what has worked and what hasn’t and how having meaningful support has made all the difference.

D-5: Local  History—Tomi Fay ForbesYour community has a fascinating story. You can uncover it. Presenter will share resources to help you discover your local history. Learn about research resources, the development of communities, and the information you can glean from great historical maps. Be inspired to uncover the stories of the places you live and love.

D-6: What is “Christian Homeschooling?”—Cindy WhiteIs it a matter of picking the right curriculum?  Is there a wrong curriculum?  Is it about establishing a Christian worldview?  Is it an outcome-based philosophy of education?  Those may all be important considerations, but without the right foundation and focus on the parent/teacher none of those things matter.  Join an experienced homeschooling mom of eleven as she shares her homeschooling philosophy and experiences as well as the effect they have had on her children who are grown and are now raising their own children.

D-7: Responsible Homeschooling: What It Is (and Isn’t) and Why It is Important—Paul Mullin—A presentation followed by a discussion.  Hear stories about the history of homeschooling in Wisconsin, the benefits of our current law, and what we need to do to ensure our homeschooling freedoms well into the future as well as how our actions as homeschoolers affect other homeschooling families.

▴ D-8: A Minute to Win it—Aleesha RoterJoin other homeschoolers to play family friendly games of skill you can win in a minute.  All ages welcome.

▴ D-9: Birds of Prey Basics—Rex RunkeCome and learn about birds of prey, their anatomy and behaviors, and their role in our environment.  Meet one or two live birds.

▴ D-10: Build a Recycled City!—Join fellow homeschoolers and help create an amazing city!  Using basic craft materials and re-purposing recyclables, we’ll create all the buildings and spaces we want in our city. Bring your ideas and help make our city a good place to live. All materials provided, no building experience necessary.

Denotes Family Activity Workshop

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